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Advanced Learning Certification Training Classes

Skintrenzixs SkinSchool

"Where Knowledge & Skill Meet Skin"

Are you frustrated from the lack of education you have not received during your basic training in Esthetician School?  It's time for you to fill in the missing gap from the lack of esthetic training and knowledge you have missed out on. 
Skintrenzixs fills in the missing gap giving you the accurate information you are missing to make you become a more 
confident and successful Esthetician, Cosmetologist or Registered Nurse new to the Esthetic Industry. In todays time there is incorrect information on skin, equipment, products, etc..... posted on social media or with companies giving you misinformation. With Skintrenzixs the concept is having the basic core knowledge and building a strong advanced foundation to be able to understand the services you provide to your client. You will have a strong understanding once completing each course so you can confidently give your client a safe and effective treatment. Melissa Cundiff Licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist Instructor and Skintrenzixs has a proven track record of producing the most Successful Estheticians in the Nation. With 38 Years Experience and the passion in the industry Melissa will guide you and give you the personalized attention you need to set you on the path to success. Register today for the upcoming classes and we will also keep you informed on upcoming classes in the future.  With Skintrenzixs classes you will receive a Skintrenzixs "The SkinBook"  packed full of accurate information to keep you current and knowledgeable. You will also receive a certification per each class at the end of your 4 week course. 

Register before July 28, 2022 and receive $300 off on your 4 day Advanced Certification Course. The price will only be $2,200.00. Last day of Registration for classes will be August 5th with the price being at $2,500.00. Invest in your future with your career in the exciting esthetic industry. Classes will be held at the Fort Walton Beach location with lunch provided. 

Class deadline will be August 5, 2022 and Full payment must be received before August 5th. Classes are non-refundable so please be 100% committed to completing the course as we are committed to you to provide you with this educational certification course. 


Past Skintrenzixs SkinSchool Student Reviews

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