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Skintrenzixs Professional Microcurrent Lift (Non-Surgical Facelift Machine) delivers the results you are looking to change with your skin and body without surgery.  It is a Holistic approach instead of botox and fillers and is more cost effective for you in the in the long run.  The treatments are offered at Skintrenzixs or you can purchase your very own machine to use at home which comes with video or onsite training, instructional and operating manual, Skintrenzixs Firming Toner and Skintrenzixs Fibroblast Serum with plant stems cells for additional firming and hydration.


The Skintrenzixs Microcurrent Lift is a Wave Therapy Machine which runs on a specific frequency of 60-1200 Hertz Frequency which can adjust the balance of metabolism and mimics the way the brain relays messages to the muscles. Microcurrent is closer and more compatible to our body's electrical system so it will help to rebuild normal cell tissue and maintains muscle tone through the increased circulation. The treatment will increase the blood and nutrient flow which will carry away unwanted toxins to detoxify the skin and will aid in healing where blood flow has been restricted by injury or tightened muscles and can be used to treat many conditions such as Bell's Palsy, Stroke Paralysis, Muscle Healing, Pain Control, Lifting and Firming along with many other added benefits. Microcurrent treatment will re-educate muscle tissue by lengthening, shortening, tightening and stretching the muscles. It creates elimination of toxic waste by stimulating the lymphatic system through lymphatic drainage movement. The muscle toning treatment allows lengthening or tightening of the muscles so they will return to their proper insertion. In the past decades doctors, physical therapist, estheticians all over the world have been using Microcurrent to heal injured muscles, tendons wounds, injuries and creating a lift for clients. The Microcurrent treatments work by rebuilding normal cell tissue by reactivating dormant cells. As the skin becomes bore pliable with the treatments and muscles become firmer, creases, wrinkles, lines and crow's feet soften and tend to diminish. The minimal recommended treatment is 6 treatments 2 times per week and then once a month after the treatments for maintenance. For optimal results we recommend you use the Skintrenzixs Serum provided with the Skintrenzixs Microcurrent Lift Machine. For beautiful skin results it is recommended to use Skintrenzixs Skincare products daily and monthly skincare treatments from your Skintrenzixs Esthetician Melissa Cundiff.


Containdications for treatments due to electrical currents flowing your body and activating the muscles include. Pregnancy, Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Metal Stints, Epilepsy, Cancer, Botox and Fillers (A True Microcurrent Treatment will deactivate the muscle when Botox paralyzes the muscle.

Skintrenzixs Microcurrent Lift Machine

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